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Chastity Sex Life - Ruined under My Heels
Mistress Sarah has her slave immobilized and ready for his monthly milking. He’s permanently locked in chastity by her cruel Mistress/Girlfriend.  She quickly makes the chaste slave cum digging her heels over his nipples and pulling the belt that hold his useless balls. As is common in the milking of the slave, he must lick and eat all the cum produced in the month.


"Honey," Joe said meekly, "isn’t that a little risque for a company party?"

"Oh, don’t be such a prude," Cindy said casually as she fixed her hair.  Even though the off-site was near the company headquarters, she was glad they decided to get a room this year. Her boss had practically insisted on it.  "Everyone already saw my tits at the pool earlier," she reminded him.

"Yeah, but," he started weakly.

"Don’t be a stick in the mud," she cut him off.  "It’s just a little harmless fun.  Don’t wait up for me," she said with a kiss.  She felt a little bad about lying to her husband.  The cocktail party wasn’t really only for employees, but she knew Joe could be a little narrow minded.  She didn’t set out to give anyone a blowjob, but what lingerie party didn’t involve a blowjob or two?

When she got back to room around 2 a.m., her husband was already asleep.  She quietly made her way into the bathroom to shower.  Most of the guys had used condoms, and she didn’t want her pussy to taste of latex and lube in the unlikely event Joe went down on her.

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